Saturday, February 16, 2008

Band of Outsiders

In all honesty, it takes a lot to get me excited about menswear. My interest was majorly peeked, however, when I read that Jason Schwartzman will be appearing in the upcoming ads for menswear label of the moment: Band of Outsiders. Schwartzman undenieably brings a cetain amount of indie cred and comedic cache to any project he participates in, and with Band of Outsider's charmingly retro sensabilities, this is perhaps the perfect pairing. Schwartzman aptly demonstrates that Band of Outsiders is the only label we're dying to see our boyfriends wearing. Or, maybe we're all just dying for Jason Shwarztman to be our boyfriend!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Current Consumption

Watching: Prime Suspect on dvd
Simply addictive. I adore Helen Mirren's tough-as-nails Jane Tennison.
Listening: Rushmore Soundtrack

the Creation! the Who! Cat Stevens! the Faces! I'm sure everyone I work with is thoroughly tired of listening to this. . .
Reading: Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him
The Devil Wears Prada for the art world. But better.
Wearing: woven leather platforms oh-so reminiscent of last season's Dior

(Veronica likes them too)


Celebrate Valentine's Day with London Fashion Week's finest: Gareth Pugh's Fall 2008 collection. I'm in love with his high lux warrior girls. Who, other than Pugh, could turn PVC into intricate oragami folds, or make goat hair look so terribley chic? (I'm particullarly smittern with those gloves!). This may be the boy's most wearable collection yet, and if I had my way, I'd be wearing it all (minus the post apocolyptic gothic pancake make-up, of course)!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've long been a fan of houndscheck/ houndstooth, and particullarly love this jacket for magnifiying the pattern to a great extreme.
Likewise, I appreciate Gwen Stefani's use of the check to establish a mod and 2 tone vibe for LAMB's spring/summer 08 collection, which is beggining to arrive in stores.

I've already got my eyes on these LAMB checkerboard heels at

Dontchya think Spicoli would approve?