Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gaultier's Saints and Sinners

Like Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring '07 Couture collection was out to remind us what couture is all about! As a big fan of religious icon imagery, I was amazed with this breathtaking show of well-studied religious imagery. Gaultier made his models into statue-esque saints with makeup making them appear almost waxen.
But beneath the pomp and circumstance of halo headgear and blood-stained tears, there were certainly some very wearable pieces in the collection. It would be no surprise to see Dita modeling one of these numbers off of the runway. Though, more than anything, I'd love to take a whirl in one of those halos!

Galliano's Kabuki Girls

John Galliano's glorious origami swans dazzled in his latest couture collection for Christian Dior. Galliono has given us the kind of theatrical fantasy that we've come to expect from the King of Couture. Mixing Dior's New Look silhouettes with traditional asian prints, outrageous origami folds, royalty worthy headpieces and heavenly theatrical make-up. . . This is the grandest I've seen from Galliano since his Dior couture retrospective for Fall 2005. I can't wait to see these looks editorialized, or on the red carpet. It will take a woman with real character to wear them well. . . Paging Gwen, Dita, and Chloe!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Go West!

I'm back! (And awfully glad to have internet access again). I have to mention some of my favorite things about my trip out west:

1. Cowboys. Cowboys. Cowboys.
2. Complementary tamales and enchilladas at the hotel.
3. Amazing vintage finds, including a 60's Pucci mini dress and a cashmere 50's red sweater embroidered with white POODLES!!!
4. Delicious BBQ, and visiting with friends who live in a 40's white adobe ranch house covered floor to cieling with mid century kitsch.
5. Snow on the mountains and all over the desert ground. . . Glad I brought my cowboy boots!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey Folks! I'm headed out west for the week for a buying trip/ vintage extravaganza. See ya when I return!

Friday, January 19, 2007

chain mail

I've been hit! Jessica, of Shiny Squirrel tagged me with this chain post.

6 Weird Things about me:

1. My college roommate and I had a 100 plus item list of male characteristics we deemed undateable. This 'undateable list' included such things as: no guys with only reptilian pets, no one in more than 3 bands, and no little socks.
2. I've read all of the Princess Diaries books.
3. I hate it when someone puts a lemon in my water glass at restaurants. This displeasure is intensified when the cup is plastic.
4. My parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents have always had poodles and only poodles. My poodle love is hereditary.
5. I've never had my ears pierced and only wear clip-ons.
6. I have yet to go further west than Chicago. Somehow I've existed soley on the east coast these last 24 years.

In return, I'm tagging Life in Neon, Do This Don't, The Fray, and tchoke attack!. What comes around goes around, right?

Feb. magazines: a sweet escape!

Can I just say how delicious and refreshing the February issue of Elle is? For one thing: Fashion goddess GWEN graces its cover. Then there's my all time favorite Project Runway-er, Jeffrey, with his long over-do interview and spread, along with enough eye-popping color, 60s mod style, and general eye candy to quench my craving for fashion inspiration. I love seeing all of the Spring/Summer runway looks editorialized!
And PS: Lady Gwen also reins on the cover of BUST this month. Not to be missed!

Vintage SALE!

My apologies to those outside of Atlanta, but Stefan's Vintage is having its
bi-annual sale for the next two weeks, with everything marked 20 to 75% off!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

sale at MILK

MILK LA is having a serious sale. I LOVE these looks by SRETSIS, especially the eyelet blouse made from a tessellating dove pattern. . . Hopefully I can snatch them up while they're half off!


I know, celebrity gossip is kind of icky. . . But I was honestly kind of sad to hear that Dita and Marilyn are splitting up. I loved seeing pictures of this unique and extremely photogenic couple at fashion events, (There seriously seemed to be a time when you couldn't open WWD without reading about Dita).
Now, after a fabulous Vogue spread covering their wedding, and a little over a year of marriage, the couple are finished.
In further icky news, Manson appears to be dating nineteen year old Evan-Rachel-Wood (of Thirteen and Running with Scissors fame). The weirdest part is that she appears to be mimicking Dita's retro style. . .

allyson ross

Right now I'm really loving the hand-crafted jewelry made by Atlantan Allyson Ross. Many of her pieces are nature inspired and made with sterling silver, though she also has a series of rings made with vintage components like earrings and buttons. Her website is a must see, with great pictures, and very fair prices!

art opening!

Tonight is the opening of the Eudora Welty Project, a group exhibition I was asked to participate in along with seven GSU professors. I'm showing my series of Freak Show self portraits, to correspond with Welty's Petrified Man short story. The show is up until March 1 at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery. Very exciting!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Polaroid Pictures

I spent yesterday at and around the K Ranch, shooting some new self portraits with Andrew. I'm into this whole Polaroid/ vintage coats/ rustic setting thing right now. These are some examples from the shoot (courtesy of my relic of a scanner). I'm pretty happy with them.

The Knack. . . And How to Get It

From the director of a Hard Day's Night, this is a charming, silly story of quintessential London Youth: mods, rockers, and a neurotic artist who paints everything white. Really, the film is worth watching for its opening sequence alone: the chauvinistic rocker roommate with his zombie legion of Mary Tyler Moore-ish female admirers.
Apparently, British Mod Cinema is considered its own film genre. This website lists the MOD essentials (featuring The Knack... and Blowup, of course). Fans of Quadraphinia: que up your Netflix account.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

hat survey

A quick clip of me in this week's Creative Loafing, talking about hats while wearing a fabulous vintage Schiaparelli design.
I'll ask you the same question they asked me: Are hats still relevant, do people still wear them in your town?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ebay Find

Every week ebay seller timelessvixen lists an immaculate collection of 1950s and 60s dresses and coats up for auction. The styles range from debutante prom-queen dresses with sweat heart necklines, to fur collared Lilli Anne suits, and retro space age knit mini dresses. Often her most impressive items end up getting bid out of my price range, but I always love to see what she's selling! These are a couple of my favorites items from this week. Be sure to check out her weekly auctions for some of the nicest vintage available online!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Go Targeting!

Speaking of Proenza Schouler. . . I know we're all eagerly anticipating their Go International for Target line (due to arrive in stores sometime in February. . . Anyone know the specific date?) I've seen previews of the collection on blogs such as Oh Joy!, and so far the only pieces I'm majorly coveting are the bustier-top dresses that the duo are known for. This picture makes it look like the dresses might be coming in several different colors! I haven't been this excited about Target's Go International since the debut of Luella's poof dresses! Get ready to charge up your Target card!

Emilio De La Morena

I must give full credit to Shiny Squirrel for introducing me to Emilio De La Morena in one of her recent posts. I was so excited about his designs that I had to pass the word along! I love this structure of his dresses. . . Some of the bustier tops remind me of Versace and Proenza Schouler, while the the futuristic looks of the Spring 07 desings had me thinking of the latest by Balenciaga. Regardless, the obvious craftsmanship and exciting silhouettes have me absolutely hooked!
(And isn't the black 'cut out' dress totally remeniscent of the safety-pinned Versace Elizabeth Hurley wowed in during the 90's? I love seeing that 'cling' is back!)

dynamic duo

I must admit, I only recently learned of Isabel and Ruben Toledo: the New York couple made up of two well known artists: a designer and illustrator. Isabel was recently named new Creative Director for Anne Klein (perhaps Macy's has something refreshing and interesting headed their way), while Rubin's fashion illustrations appear in many of our favorite magazines.
One of the most intersting things about this couple, is that they work together, seeming to operate as each others muse. There is something so very bohemian and timeless about them that I find very romantic.
The Toledos are featured in February's Harper's Bazaar, which covers their fabulous midtown loft, which they use as a home and workspace.
After readinig the recent article, I realized that I've admired Isabel's style long before I knew who she was, when I originally read a November 2005 issue of Vogue (and saw this picture of her). She inspired me to purchase vintage sailor pants two years ago, and wear them with platforms!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

precious poodle

My friend, Tom, is a vintage postcard collector/ dealer, which means I get some very special cast-offs, (such as vintage valentines, 1950s western scenes, and a good half dozen unused Copacabana post cards!). Today he came back from a buying trip and brought me this poodle card. I believe she's a German poodle (Germany is where the breed originated from, not France, as is often believed). Wherever she's headed, she's certainly traveling in style!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Make Room at the Fragrance Counter. . .

Move over SJP and JLO. .. Coty Cosmetics recently announced its latest celebrity fragrance maven, whose name needs no abbreviation. Gwen Stefani is scheduled to debut her own fragrance, via Coty, in Fall 2007. At a time that reports indicate celebrity fragrance sales are on the decline, I have to wonder about the motivations behind this collaboration between L.A.M.B. and Coty. Will a new No Doubt or solo album correspond with the scent's debut? Will there be an ad campaign running in the pages of our favorite fashion mags? And most importantly, what kind of name will this scent have? (Tick Tock? Hella Good? S-E-R-I-O-U-S?)I'm eager to hear your predictions!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Frye Forever

I've been having a lot of love for Frye lately, having recently purchased a pair of their classic, indestructible leather boots and some ballet-style sandals (thanks to Grandad and Aunt Liz's Christmas gift certificates!).
I really admire the quality and traditional craftsmanship behind Frye's designs. My horsey years have given me a thorough respect for quality leather (the smell of a well stocked tack room still makes me swoon!), which Frye undoubtedly uses in its work. Finally, with my Fryes, I feel confident that I've made a couple of shoe purchases that will last beyond this season!

Lippazaners on tour!

Growing up in a very equine-centric family (my pony Baby and I were Large Pony over fences champions throughout the 1990's), I fell in love with the Lipizzaner Stallions of Vienna's Spanish Riding School at an early age. Their impeccable style and unusual grace wooed me, as did Margueritte Henry's classic book: White Stallion of Lipizza, which further romanticized these amazing animals. (Henry is also the author of the beloved Misty of Chincoteauge books).
Obviously then, I was excited when I heard that the magnificent 'dancing horses' from Vienna are currently on tour throughout the United States. Their performances are an amazing tradition in motion, that I dare say you don't have to be horse crazy to appreciate!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Slim Slack Attack!

I am admittedly an American Apparel junkie. With one of their shops being in my neighborhood, there's seldom a week that goes by without me making multiple purchases of their soft cotton basics.
Aside from the consistent quality of their products, I appreciate American Apparel's social conscience and firm made-in-America stance. Sure, the company isn't without fault. . . The overexposed pre-pubescent teens in their adds creep me out, too, but I'm willing to laugh that off.
Tonight my ever fashion-forward friend, Kyle, showed up to dinner wearing American Apparel's RED unisex slim slacks. Yes, people, the company is going into denim and the results look GOOD. Unfortunately, the slacks are all ready sold out on the website, and I'm unsure as to whether they'll be available in stores anytime soon. Keep checking American Apparel site for more info. And count me in with those waiting with baited breath for these things to hit the store racks.