Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Galliano's Kabuki Girls

John Galliano's glorious origami swans dazzled in his latest couture collection for Christian Dior. Galliono has given us the kind of theatrical fantasy that we've come to expect from the King of Couture. Mixing Dior's New Look silhouettes with traditional asian prints, outrageous origami folds, royalty worthy headpieces and heavenly theatrical make-up. . . This is the grandest I've seen from Galliano since his Dior couture retrospective for Fall 2005. I can't wait to see these looks editorialized, or on the red carpet. It will take a woman with real character to wear them well. . . Paging Gwen, Dita, and Chloe!

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blushing apples said...

i very much enjoyed this colletion! the makeup, the clothes, every thing really!