Monday, January 29, 2007

Go West!

I'm back! (And awfully glad to have internet access again). I have to mention some of my favorite things about my trip out west:

1. Cowboys. Cowboys. Cowboys.
2. Complementary tamales and enchilladas at the hotel.
3. Amazing vintage finds, including a 60's Pucci mini dress and a cashmere 50's red sweater embroidered with white POODLES!!!
4. Delicious BBQ, and visiting with friends who live in a 40's white adobe ranch house covered floor to cieling with mid century kitsch.
5. Snow on the mountains and all over the desert ground. . . Glad I brought my cowboy boots!

1 comment:

kf said...

Texas is super awesome, and Austin is becoming (or is) the new hipster hot spot (after Williamsburg sold out).

Find anything fabulous?