Tuesday, January 9, 2007

dynamic duo

I must admit, I only recently learned of Isabel and Ruben Toledo: the New York couple made up of two well known artists: a designer and illustrator. Isabel was recently named new Creative Director for Anne Klein (perhaps Macy's has something refreshing and interesting headed their way), while Rubin's fashion illustrations appear in many of our favorite magazines.
One of the most intersting things about this couple, is that they work together, seeming to operate as each others muse. There is something so very bohemian and timeless about them that I find very romantic.
The Toledos are featured in February's Harper's Bazaar, which covers their fabulous midtown loft, which they use as a home and workspace.
After readinig the recent article, I realized that I've admired Isabel's style long before I knew who she was, when I originally read a November 2005 issue of Vogue (and saw this picture of her). She inspired me to purchase vintage sailor pants two years ago, and wear them with platforms!

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S. said...

They appear to be a Morticia & Gomez of fashion.

Did you hear Dita & Marilyn are splitting up! Will no one stay married?