Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lippazaners on tour!

Growing up in a very equine-centric family (my pony Baby and I were Large Pony over fences champions throughout the 1990's), I fell in love with the Lipizzaner Stallions of Vienna's Spanish Riding School at an early age. Their impeccable style and unusual grace wooed me, as did Margueritte Henry's classic book: White Stallion of Lipizza, which further romanticized these amazing animals. (Henry is also the author of the beloved Misty of Chincoteauge books).
Obviously then, I was excited when I heard that the magnificent 'dancing horses' from Vienna are currently on tour throughout the United States. Their performances are an amazing tradition in motion, that I dare say you don't have to be horse crazy to appreciate!


Andrew said...

There is something very romantic about horses that live a finer life than many people. I would live in a golden stabble in Italy without much hesitation.

ambika said...

As someone who grew up obsessed with My Little Pony and 'The Black Stallion,' I'm amazed this book has passed me by. I'll be on the look out for it.