Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I must admit I troll facehunter daily for style inspiration and the possibility of seeing a familiar face. This boy, captured by the facehunter about a month ago, is a shinning example of street fashion at its very best.

a Posh collection

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Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham revealed two surprises during New York Fashion Week. . .
#1 She has a new haircut, resembling Mia Farrow's pixie syle from her Rosemary's Baby/ Frank Sinatra days. . . And it actually looks really cute.
#2 Beckham has a clothing line: an honest-to-goodness collection of 15 dresses. And here's the real shocker: every one is impeccable. They're chic, artfully tailored, curve hugging, knockout dresses: all of which Victoria herself would certainly wear, as would many luxury loving ladies.
So few celebrity 'designers' actually deliver the goods (with a few exceptions being Gwen Stefani's LAMB, the Olsens' Elizabeth and James and the Row, and Sienna and Savannah Miller's twenty8twelve). Victoria Beckham provides further proof that it can be done right... Hopefully JLO, Beyonce, and Jessica Simpson are paying attention.
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Kate is Great

Of course, while speaking of Topshop's US website launch, I have to mention the store's Kate Moss Fall/ Winter collection, which debuted along with the site. I think this is Kate's best collection yet for Topshop, with its moody rocker feel, a la Anita Pallenberg. Unlike the previous collections, I've actually got my eye on a few of these pieces: specifically the black fringe jacket and circus stripe jeans.
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Coming to America. . . TOPSHOP

It may be a few more months before the US gets its own Topshop, with the New York Soho store opening this November (originally slated for an October opening, the date seems to be getting pushed back. . . ) However, you won't have to wait that long to purchase the store's fashion forward pieces stateside, as the United States Topshop/ Topman websites have finally arrived!
I know we've been able to order from the UK site for sometime, but now there's no more fussing over overseas shipping or mentally converting pounds to dollars. I'm also expecting the banishment of terms like 'waistcoat.'
I'm already compiling a wish list of favorites. . . The website promises free shipping on your first order. . . Start Shopping!

If i was a rich girl. . .

Lately, I am sadly confined to a budget that makes even the reasonably priced Marc by Marc Jacobs currently unaffordable. . . I was crazy for his Fall/ Winter collection, with its combination of mod/beatnik styles mixed with punky new wave (hitting all of my favorite subcultures).
Recently, while hunting ebay for a leather dress, (the NY Spring 2009 shows are looking heavy on bodycon 90s styles) I came across this great Marc by Marc Jacobs find from the current collection. I love the zipper details and the funnel neck. And pockets! Leave it to Marc to make the prospect of wearing leather totally casual and unintimidating.
The bidding starts at a fraction of the original price. Go ahead and bid, I promise I won't hate you.