Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If i was a rich girl. . .

Lately, I am sadly confined to a budget that makes even the reasonably priced Marc by Marc Jacobs currently unaffordable. . . I was crazy for his Fall/ Winter collection, with its combination of mod/beatnik styles mixed with punky new wave (hitting all of my favorite subcultures).
Recently, while hunting ebay for a leather dress, (the NY Spring 2009 shows are looking heavy on bodycon 90s styles) I came across this great Marc by Marc Jacobs find from the current collection. I love the zipper details and the funnel neck. And pockets! Leave it to Marc to make the prospect of wearing leather totally casual and unintimidating.
The bidding starts at a fraction of the original price. Go ahead and bid, I promise I won't hate you.

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