Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Knack. . . And How to Get It

From the director of a Hard Day's Night, this is a charming, silly story of quintessential London Youth: mods, rockers, and a neurotic artist who paints everything white. Really, the film is worth watching for its opening sequence alone: the chauvinistic rocker roommate with his zombie legion of Mary Tyler Moore-ish female admirers.
Apparently, British Mod Cinema is considered its own film genre. This website lists the MOD essentials (featuring The Knack... and Blowup, of course). Fans of Quadraphinia: que up your Netflix account.

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ambika said...

Ooo! I've been drawn to this period for some time and have seen tons of movies made at the time ('There's a Girl in my Soup,' 'Alfie') without their being strictly mod. Great reference site.