Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ebay Find

Every week ebay seller timelessvixen lists an immaculate collection of 1950s and 60s dresses and coats up for auction. The styles range from debutante prom-queen dresses with sweat heart necklines, to fur collared Lilli Anne suits, and retro space age knit mini dresses. Often her most impressive items end up getting bid out of my price range, but I always love to see what she's selling! These are a couple of my favorites items from this week. Be sure to check out her weekly auctions for some of the nicest vintage available online!


kf said...

it probably took me ten minutes to realize that that was not you in the first photograph. i was going to go insane. then, i realized it wasn't. cool stuff, though.

by the way, i changed my web address because i didn't like the other one. this one smells better.

S. said...

The first outfit is exactly, perfectly perfect. Love the blue coat too.

Anonymous said...

she has lovely items for sure, but if you've ever been outbid by one of her buying ids then you would know that she aquires all her items ON Ebay and then resells them.

Look around Ebay and you'll be able to scoop the items up before she sells them for a higher price!

Anonymous said...

she bumps up all her stuff to the price she wants then she sometimes ends up not selling the item s(she out bids the highest bidder) Since she either has a phantom account and bids up her own stuff or has friends do it.

I have bid on the same pieces time after time year after year. She usually re-lists it in 6 months. with a slightly different listing title. I know she could not have the same poodle dress listed in the same size for the past 10 years I have come across that darn thing!!!