Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar Best

In general, I don't watch awards shows. Their a bit dull, and certainly over-rated (take the Grammy's for example. . . Elvis Presley never won a Grammy. Milli Vannilli did). Still, I'm always interested in who wore what, and for this year's Oscars I'm going to have to award Gwyneth Paltrow as the queen of the red carpet. This Zac Posen dress is simply stunning, and refreshingly not strapless.


kf said...

i feel so bad for jennifer hudson who had some major drama with competing style assitants, and also her deal with vogue kind of fucked her over into that jetson's like metalic shrug. poor girl.

reese witherspoon and cate blanchet turned out quite nicely. then again, blanchet is always looking clasically beautiful.

ambika said...

Absolutely agreed. Its' funny to see all the wildly differing opinions--I thought she looked best hands down but not everyone agreed.

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am SOOO mu-hayjerly agreeing with you on this one. Wow that color,it was like a caramel confection!Interesting what KF had to say about JH,I was feeling super sad over the shrug thing too,I couldn't believe someone did that to her....and yes la Blanchet was stunningly chic as usual.