Monday, January 28, 2008

Something Wild

This Dior ad has got me on the prowl for a fine animal print trench. I imagine myself throwing this chic number on with a beret, heels, and not much else. . . What better to wear on a day off, running errands and sipping tea at cafes around town? It could be my go-to wardrobe staple for those nothing-to-wear days, warranting a fashion splurge. However, since Dior is sadly out of this shop girl's budget, I'm considering some similar substitutions (priced as such that I could still make rent!).

This Roberto Cavalli for H&M zebra trench can still be found on ebay. It pales in comparison to the Dior, and isn't as long as I'd like. . . But is still a feasible option.

L.A.M.B.'s 'mama cheetah' trench is also appealing, though I suppose not as graphically chic as a zebra pattern.
I'm eagerly hunting other options. . . If anyone spies a note-worthy zebra/ cheetah/ giraffe print trench- please send a note my way!


Anonymous said...

That's some voodoo going on there, Emily... Love that runway pic. How you doing lately? Please don't be a stranger!


The Clothes Horse said...

I love animal print, but I mostly have it in small doses.
Oh, and I haven't seen the Aviator so I can't compare Gwen's performance as Jean.