Monday, November 13, 2006

the future is now

Today I wanted to work some of the 'retro futurism' I've been seeing so much of on the spring '07 ready-to-wear runways. I love all of the mod influence mixed with sci-fi that's happening, particularly Balenciaga's gold lame robotic leggings!
I went for a cheaper interpretation of this look with silver leggings from American Apparel. I may just have to spring for the gold ones as well . . .

There's been much talk about spring '07's predominant themes of neo-Romanticism in the shape of lacy floral Gibson Girl looks (from Alexander McQueen) vs. the 1960's futuristic styles of metal, plastic, and miniskirts from Dolce and Gabanna, Chanel, and Balenciaga. As far as wear ability (and isn't that what the RTW collections are supposed to be about?), I'm going to have to cast my vote for the future!

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