Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Elvis is Everywhere!

Speaking of Elvis, I want to mention how much I love Kata Billups' Elvis paintings. I stumbled across her website while doing a research paper on Georgia's own Joni Mabe: Elvis Babe.
Unlike Mabe, Kata Billups' Elvis paintings aren't entirely shrines to the King. She works a hint of sarcastic commentary into her paintings: calling attention to retro sexism and the dark side of fame, while dazzling us with the mid-century Americana and kitsch we're all crazy for.
Sadly, I doubt I'll be able to afford an original Kata Billups painting(some of which have sold to the likes of Julia Roberts, Bon Jovi, R.E.M., and various country music stars). Prints of the original paintings are available at a lower price though, on ebay and her website. This way we can all take a little bit of Elvis home.


Andrew said...

Micheal J Fox is the anti-Elvis. Its true.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU
for posting my ELVIS work
and for your very kind comments!

I DO have some small originals in my ebay store (for under 120 bucks,) and I'll also throw you a deal! just let me know it's you ---if you are ever interested!

you can get to my ebay store from the home page of my web site which is--- www.rockandrolliconart.com

Sincerely, KATA BILLUPS ELVIS artist, and etc.