Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winding Up!

Count down until December 5th! I can't wait to hear Gwen's new album. I am completely sold on 'Wind it Up,' and Gwen's new look. I know she says she's channeling Michelle Phifer in Scarface, but I think there is something very Sue Ellen Ewing (of Dallas!) going on (minus the drinking problem and icky JR, of course!). Wind it up!


coco said...

i really dont like gwens hair, whats up with it? maybe if it wasnt so blond it would look nicer. I think she should change her image slightly now, shes become a but predictable, i still like her music though. great blog btw.

poodlesarepink said...

You know, I think that 'hair' is a wig!

S said...

personally, i dislike her new look. very cheesy, as in 1980's cheese.

S. said...

I'm no fan of Gwen but, the look has made me consider the hair.

But, I decided against it because it would make me look too much like my mother at a certain age. I'm not sure I'd ever be ready for that in the mirror!

BTW, thanks and I linked you too because I really love your blog.

And hey! Whose s? That's not me.

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