Wednesday, November 15, 2006

wonderfully irregular shoes

Irregular Choice Shoes. . . They tend to be hit or miss. Some styles are decadent little works of art for your feet. Others, look like they couldn't possibley have been designed on planet Earth.
Either way, the label specializes in delightfully off-beat styles for those who crave a little bit more from a shoe. I adore these striped boots. . . They remind me of something Rod Stewart might have worn in his Faces' days: glam rock meets psychedelia. I just hope they won't end up looking too Motley Crue. In a bad way.


S. said...

Are you getting them? I went crazy with want when I first saw the shoes from that label but, yeah, they can be more fun to look at than wear!

poodlesarepink said...

I would love to get them. . . But they keep selling out of my size. At least I know I'm not the only gal out there with big feet!