Saturday, December 2, 2006

art film dissapointment!

Yawn yawn yawn. Finally watched 'Blow Up' last night, and you know, I was pretty dissapointed. Not nearly enough Peggy Moffitt or fab 60's fashions. And. . . I just didn't get it. I'm an art school alumnis: watching the dark room scenes gave me flashbacks, and I loved watching the models pose in their Gurnheart outfits, but otherwise. . . Someone wanna tell me what I'm missing?
And PS: Whoever said Jane Birkin is the 'star' of this movie must have been mistaken. Whatever possesed Hermes to name their infamous Birkin bag after her?


Charlie Hobart said...

Rent the DVD and listen to commentary track by the film historian...he's quite insightful.

Kyle said...

wow. i thought what you wrote was hilarious.

i love that movie though!! i think i love it for the direction and cinematography. it has really great imagery and film techniques. but, i can agree with you.

you know what you need to watch, that i think is one of the most fashionably unnoticed film--Harold and Maude. They never mention or notice fashion, but they young male protagonist and his elderly girlfriend both have quite the style. I love it. And, it's pretty hilarious. This is one of my favorite flicks. Check it out.