Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christian Joy

It would hardly be fair to praise the fearless fashion choices of Karen O without giving due credit to the mad scientist behind her stage costumes. Karen dresses almost exclusively in the designs of Christian Joy, a longtime friend and collaborator, who twists vintage prom dresses and a slew of unlikely materials into a one of a kind wardrobe for the lady of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Not all of Joy's designs consist of theatrical, overstated treatments though. Many of the items available on her website are geared toward a look of understated monochromatic minimalism, including slinky futuristic hooded one pieces and sack-like 'bean' dresses (which sold out in no time after being featured in NYLON!). Recently I've spied some tartan plaid accessories in the Christian Joy online store. . . Are you brave enough to rock this statement making waist cincher?

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