Thursday, December 28, 2006

Project Alabama

Mentioning the Quilts of Gee's Bend in one of my earlier posts go me thinking about another exceptional American craft collective: Project Alabama. I haven't heard much about this group (headed by Natalie Chanin) since their Spring '06 collection, and was disappointed to find their website is under construction. I'm still admiring what I saw in their Bryant Park debut: traditional quilt making craftsmanship spun into timeless feminine clothing with character and soul. If anyone knows what Project Alabama is up to lately, please drop me a line!


janelle said...

they are actually done! it is so sad to me really. . .this fall they called it quits. . ms. chanin is starting up an off shoot soon though. . . if I could i would totally go down to ther "alabama adventure weekend" this is their 3rd year and last year's sounded totally awesome!

Andrea said...

I read an article about Project Alabama in O Magazine. I was impressed with the idea. I love their pieces. I'm curious to know why they stopped.