Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Our Ladies of Country Western

I'm a sucker for all things tacky, fabulous, and Americana, so it should be no surprise that I was mesmerized by a special on PBS last night, featuring some of country music's biggest female stars. Loretta Young, Dolly Parton, and Tammy Wynette dazzled in archival 1960's footage, wearing citrus colored chiffon mini dress, rhinestones, and big big hair.

If you're like me, and can't get enough of viewing country music in all of its bespangled finery, check out Vinyl Hayride: Country Music Album Covers 1947-1989. It'll have you longing for your own custom made Nudie of Hollywood cowgirl suit as well as some of that aforementioned big big hair of your own!


Bobble Bee said...

WOW. these were real ladies!. thanks for this

ambika said...

I love the old photos, especially of Dolly. She looks downright natural and so pretty.