Friday, December 1, 2006


Nearly every month I find myself spending a little time with Andrew's latest copy of Maximum Rock n'roll. I love catching up with George Tabb's column, reading reviews of friends' recently released records, browsing the scene report, top ten lists, and taking that overall trip down memory lane where I'm a sixteen year old punk rock girl in love with fast music and idealism.
In this latest December issue I found an article by Layla Gibbon that wasn't just purse nostalgia. In fact it was completely relevant to the way I've been feeling lately. . .
"I don't think my goal is to stay emotionally and developmentally backwards and just be a perpetual useless adolescent. But as I get older and find myself doing the things that I could have done pretty much at any age without a BA, and yet also find myself a lot more content and happy then I was when on the path to Great Achievements in Corporate Adulthood, I find myself thinking about boring shit like this ALL The TIME."
Well, that makes two of us. Thank you Layla Gibbon. You made my week.
PS: I haven't read it yet this month, but Golnar Nikpour's MRR column typically rock my socks of: particularly when she gives some insight on being a gal in an often male dominated scene.

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Andrew said...

I also embrace Gibbon's 'just live your life, and be happy with it' attitude. Is this the antithesis of the 16-years-old /idealistic / fast music me? Does this attitude represent a much more personal set of ideals, or is it appathetic?

I guess I'll continue listening to fast and loud music while I think about it.