Monday, December 4, 2006

Transformers: more than meets the eye

I finally got around to watching the finale of Hussen Chalayan's Spring 07 'ready to wear' collection on Youtube this afternoon. Ever since hearing about these mechanically interchanging dresses, I felt certain that the future of fashion had arrived.
I must say I enjoyed the spectacle of these transformers, which changed shape while their models stood eerily still. It was fashion performance art, like nothing I'd seen since Shalom Harlow's white dress was robotically spray painted in the finale of Alexander McQueen's Spring '99 show.

Though this was a part of a ready to wear show, I strongly doubt any version of Chalayan's microchiped dresses will be available at a Neiman Marcus anytime soon.(The originals are all ready promised to museums). It may be a long time coming before any kind of self-altering dress is available to the masses.
In the mean time, if you're itching for a garment with infinite possibilities, why not shop for American Apparel's wrap dresses, which give the wearer so many different options. (Don't you just love watching those 'how to' videos while you're in the store?!) Perhaps, the future was actually all ready here all along. . . Minus the computer chips.


ambika said...

Now that theme song is stuck in my head...

blushing apples said...

i loved watching his show