Thursday, December 14, 2006

Girls Just Wanna shop vintage

Cindy Lauper came into my work today, acting as loud and brash as you might expect, and wearing platinum blond hair and gobs of eye makeup. She became completely recognizable once she started screaming to her companion about how she's too much of an old hag to still be singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
She bought several vintage aprons, fabric, and a fab 1960's purple velvet hooded coat.
Best of all, she complemented my outfit, and asked if it was vintage (no) and what it was made of (denim). High praise from a 1980's style icon!


Jenny said...

aww that's super awesome! You should have given me a call though.

Kyle said...


S. said...

That is so fun but, you knew you were stylish anyways!